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By Devon Webb

If voting changed anything they would abolish it

if this system was liberating we wouldn’t uphold it

democracy needs education

that’s why they control & withhold it

In this government

incompetence is weaponised

a country is not a business to leave in debt

people are no product & money is no profit

in politics if it isn’t spent

The people want change

but do not know how to change

one or the other

another white man called Christopher

who bought a house before they turned twenty-five

Meanwhile the media hold their tongues

in fists they name neutrality

what is the point of a voice if it stays silent

where are your values if you do not pick sides

Sometimes there is an easy answer

fuck genocide

fuck fascism

fuck war crimes

but the white man stays silent

on his high, high chair

eating mush from the hands of rich thieves

& thinking it a feast

propaganda is no sustenance

while the disenfranchised starve

your lies have no nutrition

only fill the void where your ignorance thrives

your guilt decays in the darkness

where your empathy went to die

it multiplies

it destroys you from inside

& sometimes I wonder if all the world is poison

sometimes hope feels like a fool’s game

but if I’m a fool to keep playing

I will break your rules till losing is off the board

If hope must be destructive I hope it destroys you

if revolution must be dangerous I hope we will be brave

if we must tear it all down to build something new

I hope we mourn with vision

If incompetence is your weapon

I hope you’re ready to lose.


About the Writer:

Devon Webb is a 25-year-old poet and writer based in Aotearoa New Zealand. She writes full-time, exploring themes of femininity, youth and vulnerability. She shares her poetry online, through live performance, and has been widely published both locally and internationally. She is the two-time Wellington Slam Poetry Champion and is currently working on the final edits of her debut novel, The Acid Mile. Her work can be found on Instagram, Twitter & TikTok at @devonwebbnz.

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