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by Alejandro Gonzalez

"Is there a cure for this hunger?

A terrible curse to be under

I'll be sleeping with that

And it's no small thing

You'll smoke me out in your own ways

And we'll spin around until morning"

by Alejandro "Ale" Gonzalez

Hunger is a visual representation of dwelling in feelings of lust. Particularly in moments in which these are not considered to be opportune. Stylistically, the piece takes cues from early 20th century Expressionism and Street Art in formal aspects such as degrees of abstraction, color relationship, and line application. It originally started as a traditional pen and ink drawing, which was then scanned and colored through Photoshop.

About the Artist:

Alejandro Gonzalez is a Venezuelan Visual Artist currently pursuing a Digital Arts BFA at Florida International University. His efforts are geared toward the media of painting, drawing, and video. His style can be described as Expressionistic in nature, interested in the portrayal of internal headspaces through figurative imagery, non-representational colors, and shape relationships. Alejandro’s work has appeared in a plethora of art shows and publications, including the Broward Art Guild, Spellbinder Magazine, the Albrecht Kemper Museum, and Florida International University’s Humanities Edge. Contrary to popular belief, he does have a heart.

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