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Our Team

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Founder,  Editor-in-Chief & Social Media Manager
Celina Tran
Celina (She/her) is a Vietnamese-Norwegian multimedia journalist and writer based in the UK. She can often be found hanging out with her dogs, reading a book, or starting another piece of writing that will likely end up in her box of unfinished manuscripts. After editing for several other outlets, such as The Gryphon, UNNAMED, and The publishing Post, she founded Erato Magazine, and is excited for the magazine to continue promoting new and established writers and artists.


Executive Poetry Editor  & Social Media Manager
James Taylor
James Taylor (he/they) is a writer, editor and researcher from Scotland. As well as working with the lovely folk at Erato, he edits for Jourls Press and is a writer and researcher for The Journal of Intersectional Social Justice. He can usually be found walking in the countryside, listening to Jessica Pratt and reading multiple books at once, none of which he will find the time to finish. 


Marketing Manager
Tiffani Ngo Le
Tiffani (She/her) is Creative Marketing student based in Oslo, Norway. She's responsible for Erato's social media, aesthetic, and occasionally its photography.  Other than marketing and studying, you'll often find her creating Pinterest boards (for absolutely everything) or playing with puppies.  


Snehil 'Maazak' Srisvastava
Snehil Srivastava is a photographer and content creator from India. Along with being Erato Magazine's head of photography, he documents his life on YouTube (MaazakThaKya). 


Poetry Editor & Contributing Writer
Willow Kang Liew Bei
Willow is a writer from Singapore. After school, you'll find her reading thick history textbooks, aimlessly writing poems, and solving frustrating math problems in a futile attempt to conquer boredom. Just make sure that her coffee bowl stays full.

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