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by Bunganí Zungu

At a distance; round

pumilus' hyoids wrap

and rise between the muscles;

pad' pad lulled their lips;

lassoos long and a blink

chewed and chewed.

Pumilus sticks to the theme of Hunger, literally and figuratively. There are elements of longing, the feeling of loss which manipulates one's wish/desires for some faraway tie.

- Bunganí Zungu


About the Poet:

Bonganí Zungu threads his words with the intent to reveal the subtle sophistry of knowledge and what he believes to be a hidden expanse of human experience beyond just love in a simple, relatable way. With excellent manipulation of flow, seamlessly woven descriptions, and often using short sentences and fragments skillfully, which then contribute to the rhythm of his pieces, his poems touch on a number of themes guided by life experiences, investment in knowledge, awareness of changing times, and a sense of imagination.

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