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by Irteqa Khan

after kahlil gibran

think about corpses melting into nectar like star sized desideratum and those who

await death full of love as a cosmogony of alphas omegas enigmas going out like

sacred animals then believe we are excarnating the earth as different kings since

the shape speaks the body when it is engorged how each infraction in this epistemological

bazaar is a practice of competence do i crucify or crown tomorrow say oh good

molecules my glass rind god in the glades do not trust me to myself for even the blink

of an eye for i am lost but help me honour the guests in my garden heart as i

live long labour because this human eater destiny is akin to circumambulating

around old surgical scars knowing blood is blood and it is always taken.

Ringwanderung first appeared in rēza rēza (Gap Riot Press, 2020).


About the author:

Irteqa Khan (she/her) is a Muslim-Canadian writer and poet. She holds an Honours degree in History and an MA in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan and will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at York University in the Fall. Her writing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and appears in L’Éphémère Review, Spring Magazine, Homology Lit, ANMLY, Honey Literary, and Aôthen Magazine among others, and is forthcoming in The Feminist Word (F-Word), śvās magazine, and The Hyacinth Review. Irteqa’s debut poetry chapbook, rēza rēza, was published with Gap Riot Press in 2020.


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