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Field Trip

By Willow Kang Liew Bei

Below a cornfield sky contoured

by careless azure strokes,

we forget about chasing boars, instead

follow the railroad into new cocoons,

the children humming like bee swarms,

crystal ball visions abandoned

for newer, grander adventures

on bubblegum horizons

& I’m in the East with a inky wish

for peace, mourning the end

of lavender fields & orange trees

when the campfires are lit,

fireflies sing prophecies of the present

in the present, too, we follow the North Star

I sit at seat 33, beside a devotee

of eternity,

birds/souvenir shops


About the author:

Willow is a writer from Singapore. After school, find her reading thick history textbooks, aimlessly writing poems, and solving frustrating math problems, in a futile attempt to conquer boredom. Just make sure that her coffee bowl stays full.

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