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by Adora Williams


The self that we create to think is a separation

A timeline that we evaluate


such as the the six of cups:

six - the divine feminine itself

- the feminine that creates and lives

the creation

the Genesis perpetually rewinding


Figure One: Ophelia Lain in The Lake

The lake never existed

The mud was invisible blood; stupor from a life unlived

Lying is such a complicated concept

: we lie to rest

: same as above

: same as above


We’re perpetually resting from the one we were

To become the one we want to be

We’re perpetually lying to rest from the one we are now

Not to become anything in particular

A woman is always two :

the reason why we understand oneness so well

And we’re three

: as long as I have someone to become, my sense of self might as well be

Act Two – A Soliloquy: If I see what I’m doing, I’ll construct

The intersection of the sun is where he crosses me

It lasts but a day

Next we already lost a few minutes

The sun kills any hope for a darkling love

It will makes us overthink the speed, the holes, the possibilities

And all will enter the door of what shouldn’t be

The sun will be hiding from the dark on this side

He will be hidden on the other side by the sun

And the end of the equinox will make everything fall

And pomegranate seeds are red in autumn

And pomegranates are redder when they fall

And I fell

And everything was red


There were two selves

One is the one I didn’t chose and she doesn’t know she exists

She’s there, writing about enlightenment in the age of time

But I am one self

I chose

I chose the thrill

I chose the fall

I chose petite sensations

A dark walk in the nether hall

Every thing that is holy to the one who lives in the wrong way

A mortal love, an infernal love

Encore: A meaningful lie is what holds every thing together


About the author:

Adora Williams has degrees in Journalism and Languages and has written poetry for 14 years. She lives in a historic region of Brazil. Her poetry anthology, Mulher Poesia, in

Portuguese is being published in Brazil and Portugal in December 2022.

Twitter: @adoralwilliams


Instagram: @adorawilliamspoetry


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