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By Kyle Garneau

Memories of wonderment

elevated above this house

I fell asleep by the moon

and on the other side was you

these lakes hold feelings

I get when starting at my lonely reflection

when arrows become bullet points in timeliness

I turn the black orb into a skipping stone

echoes of splashing water ping

like our rapid stories of old

to build and rebuild

my endless fires for warmth and oftentimes remembrance

there is a different weight without you here

but here, at the lake skipping my stones

and lighting my fires

the elements for a brief moment recreate your image and leave you here with me


About the author:

Kyle Garneau (he/him) is currently a student studying political science and business administration at Eastern Connecticut State University. He was an editor and contributor for his high school's literary magazine, Mind's Eye. He is currently in the Axis edition of Abridged magazine. He will be in the July Edition of Filter Coffee Zine. He has also submitted to the Connecticut Student Writers magazine, where he was an honorable mention. He is currently submitting his work to various magazines as he compiles poems for his first book of poetry, Blue Domes.


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