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As Flowers Hurry to Bloom

by Owolusi Lucky

As flowers hurry to bloom,

So hurries florist to prune

Son of man races like Flax,

Like masons reveal the beauty of stones

After chirping away its early

Innocence, so have I watched

Petals unfold of many dames.

Like fishermen, I watched

Sons like sharks hunt tirelessly

In the sea of life and drumming of youth

Pounds like feet of buffaloes;

Many ended at the pointed end of death.

Time feasts like a hunter and returns men’s

Bones to earth.

“Though wisdom’s whistle calls

Dogs that shall be lost hearkens not.”

Earless young left their mother’s

Lap to roam the earth.

Bright sunflowers travel to the square,

Evening shall force it into the hands

Of cheap men.

Praise “the rose that tarries in concrete”:

For it brings hope to the hopeless.


About the author:

Owolusi Lucky is a Nigerian, he writes poetry, fiction, and non fiction.He has published or has work forthcoming in Noctivagant press, Crosscurrent, America Diversity Report, Afrorep, Decolonial Passage, Arkorewrites, Hallowzine, Scars publication, Sweety Cat Press (Poetry Anthology), Macromicrocosm, Dietmilkmag, Collegevilleinstitute, Overtly Lit, A Solarpunk anthology and others.

He shares his thoughts at:


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