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Demonstrative Demands

by Anthony Salandy

Smiles are feigned as self-reliance beckons

Just beyond the thawing reach

Of quashed emotions

Collated by decades of mental anguish,

For warring paradigms

Where warcraft is vulgarities spewed

By languid souls mature Dominates darkened discourse

Where crooked caverns Are demarcated with desolate shields Constructed of sharded screens Jagged, and dulled by inconceivable worlds

Conjoined by brutish broadband And ethereal eternities

Forcefully driven

From that age old

Quaint familial fabrication, Assembled by occidental demonstrations

Contorted by protective promises

That never truly transpire.


About the author:

Anthony is a Black Mixed-race poet & writer who has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony's work has been published 215 times internationally. Anthony has 2 published chapbooks titled 'The Great Northern Journey' 2020 (Lazy Adventurer Publishing) & 'Vultures' 2021 (Roaring Junior Press) as well as a novel 'The Sands of Change' 2021 (Alien Buddha Press). Anthony's Chapbook 'Half Bred' is the Winner of the 2021 'The Poetry Question' Chapbook contest. Anthony is the EIC of Fahmidan Journal & Poxetry Editor at Chestnut Review. More of his work includes Slumber and Demonstrative Demands is available in Erato, Issue I: Bloom. Twitter/Instagram: @arsalandy

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