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The Depiction of Dionora

Erica Dionora is a Canada-based artist and writer. Inspired by nature, the adventurous fairy tales of childhood and other folklore, her art often sees the human body entwined with the natural or supernatural.

Elements of Existence by Erica Dionora


"Growing up, I was very much interested in fairy tales, folklore, and urban legends, which have inspired my tendency towards ideas that involve interruptions of human “normalcy,” where an unusual object or the body part of another creature is infused with the human form. ."

- Erica Dionora


Submerge by Erica Dionora

Dionora explains that her more fantastical creations, much like her more "obvious" pieces, are never far from that of human nature.

"The creative process, for me, is often a very nostalgic one. As odd as some of my art pieces may seem, the subject matter often stems from a long-lost interest from my childhood. I think with pieces like Warmth, the sentimentality of memory is a bit more obvious."

Love in Celebration by Erica Dionora

Love in Creation by Erica Dionora

About the artist:

Canada-based artist Erica Dionora values personal and individual creative work. Her art is experimental, but for the most part, she enjoys playing around with colours and textures in digital illustrations.

Warmth by Erica Dionora


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