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Shkumbin Limani On Telling Stories Through Photography

By Dea Fejzullahu

Based in Pristina, Kosovo, Shkumbin Limani is a "life photographer" with 18 years of experience under his belt. He aims to tell stories from every day life through his art, capturing and immortalising the little details most people don't see.

Photo: Shkumbin Limani
Photo: Shkumbin Limani

To Shkumbin Limani, a photographer is much more than a person with a camera; it's someone who captures moments, people, and immortalising them. Further, photos are some of those rare, special objects that carries emotion and memories. In 20 years, a photo from today will bring back the nostalgia of today, almost like a form of time travelling.

"The person creates the photo, not the camera," says Limani.

Limani often wanters the city of Pristina, exploring the local area and people through his lense. It allows him to capture raw, human emotions and reality, telling a story with his camera.

"It is like a movie where I am the director, I get to play around with lighting and other things to create something special, a masterpiece," he says.

In a way, photographers are like magicians playing around with real elements to create the perfect result. Though natural lighting has an unparalleled beauty, Limani loves to play around with artificial lighting too.

"You can control it however you wish; that's fun to me. I can put it where I see fit, whereas with natural lightning you don't have the same privileges," he says.

He explains that after many years, photographers learn to notice what others might not see; the little things and details of life. When people see his photos, he wants them to experience the realisation that these things have always been there.

"My photos show life from a different perspective. They capture and experience the things that do not normally notice," he says.

Allowing the eyes to tell the story

Humans are complex beings, each and every one of us carrying stories and experiences with us. Limani's photograph's allows us to glimpse into the lives and adventures of others. His photos often carry a message behind them, but he explains that he prefers leaving them without a description in, allowing each viewer to decide the story for themselves.

"The eyes tell the story," he says.

Finding beauty in inconvenience

Photography, like most other art forms, has its inconveniences. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and the photographer must find a way to create art despite circumstances.

"I was shooting this couple's wedding photos, and it suddenly started pouring to the point that I couldn't finish the shoot, and I offered them to reschedule, but they had spent so much time getting ready that rescheduling wasn't a solution. I was quick to find a shed nearby and asked the owner permission to shoot. Thankfully, they said yes, and the photos turned out better than they would've outside. So, really, the inconvenience turned into a magical moment."

Finding beauty in circumstances is exactly what Limani does, and he encourages young photographers to explore how they want to do that.

"Research a lot and practice before exposing any of your work to the public. The first one thousand photos will be your worst, because you're still learning the basics of photography, and that's okay," he says. "Don't chase trends; chase what you think is good in a photo. Step by step, you'll make it."

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