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Like Window Shopping

By Kyle Garneau

The country’s still air on route 172

is in an argument with my radio

the brief intermissions between songs

brings the outside inside my car

before my radio wrestles back control.

The solemn tree stands alone

on Raspberry island as I visit across the way

I have no access to a boat

and it is too far to swim

so I enjoy it from across the shattered blue highway.

I can’t see my baby tonight

we’ve got Thanksgiving plate agendas

the flowers from our last date are wilted

as our red yearning turns into a mushy remembrance

as we both turn to dreams above our flesh


About the author:

Kyle Garneau (he/him) is currently a student studying political science and business administration at Eastern Connecticut State University. He was an editor and contributor for his high school's literary magazine, Mind's Eye. He is currently in the Axis edition of Abridged magazine. He will be in the July Edition of Filter Coffee Zine. He has also submitted to the Connecticut Student Writers magazine, where he was an honorable mention. He is currently submitting his work to various magazines as he compiles poems for his first book of poetry, Blue Domes.

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11 ago 2022

I loved this. I think my heart melted a bit reading it!

Me gusta
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