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Wake Me

By Owolusi Lucky

Wake me, when rain splatters across the

Yard to plant seeds of hope.

Wake me when spring is smiling upon

The bough.

Long I await rebirth of hyacinth when

Harmattan makes a desert of my field,

And snow, its white bed laid on your field.

Wake me when caterpillars of snow

Flowers colorful wings upon bough of

May, and trees are not afraid to lift

Shoots to the sun.

As brown coffin of harmattan, waits

Crispy leaves of the weald, so awaits

Time wing of youth.

So wake me early, when fields are green

To taste nectars in beauty of yonder vales.

Across rivers, and mountains should seeds

Of laughter from youthful heart be planted.

Wake me early, for this season shall be

Counted for my loss in times of short account.

About the author:

Owolusi Lucky is a Nigerian writer who writes poetry, fiction, and non fiction. He has published and forthcoming work in Noctivagant Press, Crosscurrent, America Diversity Report, Afrorep, Decolonial Passage, Arkorewrites, Hallowzine, Scars publication, Sweety Cat Press (Poetry Anthology), Macromicrocosm, Dietmilkmag, Collegevilleinstitute, Overtly Lit, A Solarpunk anthology and others.

Twitter: @mighty_scribe

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