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Twin Embers

By Willow Kang Liew Bei

Twins lay in the cold earth’s embrace,

each suckling from the same primordial vein

their slumber too heavy to be weighed

upon scales, only paralleled

by a celestial goat’s horns

one weeps a waterfall

for all the forsaken stars, beheaded

before they could form constellations

& the other watches passively,

understanding, but never quite discerning

the many tricks

of steel blades sifting

through reptilian coats

whoever sees them knows too

the loudness of the humming void

which drowns their heartbeats

I sow for them each, an ember

cast into frosty windows


About the author:

Willow is a writer from Singapore. After school, find her reading thick history textbooks, aimlessly writing poems, and solving frustrating math problems, in a futile attempt to conquer boredom. Just make sure that her coffee bowl stays full.

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