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Three Movies to Keep You Cozy This Fall

By Faith Diaz

With both temperatures and the leaves dropping rapidly, fall is in full swing all across the globe. It is the time of year to settle; trade sherpa-lined jackets and the outdoors for wool blankets.

This is a time of year where possibilities are right around the corner and magic is still, well, closer than you might think. As you settle into the soft cradling of the couch cushions, why not let these three movies help you get into the right mood?

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

A movie that has earned the "cult classic" title, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect union of Halloween's creeps and the wishful, wispy wonders of Christmas.

Nightmare before christmas movie poster
Photo: Disney

This film is set in the fictional Halloweentown and follows Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, as he wraps up yet another year of spectacular Halloween celebrations. In all his years of being in charge of the Halloween - the town's most important celebration - he has never gotten fed up with the the festivities. Until now.

After his latest celebration, Jack begins to wonder what else there could be for him out there, and perhaps if there will ever be anything new to try or do. He fears he’s lost his spooky splendor, and on a walk through the woods with his ghost dog, Zero, when he stumbles upon small clearing. In the clearing, there are doors with engraved symbols: An Easter Egg, a Turkey, a Four Leaf Clover, a Christmas tree and more. Being captivated by the colors of the Christmas tree, Jack opens the door and leans in to peek, accidentally falling in. He is transported to Christmas town where he discovers snow, elves, pointy hats, gifts and even Santa Claus himself! Jack returns to his home bursting with new ideas of how to spice up the following Halloween celebration, and begins experimenting to figure out how things like gifts and pointy hats operate. Jack becomes possessed by his new creations' joy factor, and fails to see how terrifying his alterations are. Jack gets the town's scientist, Dr. Finkelstein, involved ideas, and the audience are soon introduced to doctor's creations, including the iconic Sally Stitches.

Detaching limbs, the Oogie Boogie man, and the threat of the institution of Christmas - this movie is the perfect transition from fall to winter!

The Photograph (2020)

Intertwining stories of past and present, The Photograph is an iconic modern drama and romance set in New York City, featuring LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae.

The Photograph movie poster
Photo: Universal Pictures

The Photograph follows journalist Michael Block (Stanfield) through his everyday life of researching and writing articles. Michael is at a point in his life where he wants to look for a relationship that can last, but is stuck in the monotony and continuous travel that his work brings. He feels he needs a fresh start and begins pursuing journalistic opportunities in the US.

Soon, Michael finds himself in Louisiana, where he's to interview a gentleman named Issac about life after Hurricane Katrina. While at the man's house, he spots a beautiful black-and-white photo, and feels compelled to ask about the woman in the photo, Christina.

Simultaneously, the audience meets Mae Morton (Rae), an Assistant Art Curator, who is dealing with the sudden death of her mother, famous photographer, Christina Eames. In her silence and grieving, Mae appears standoffish. She is left with a few of her mothers things, including a letter full of her mothers mysterious life, an unframed black-and-white photograph.

When Michael begins tracking down the mysterious woman in the photograph, he is taken to Mae’s gallery. Enquiring about her mother, Mae takes him through the archives to share more of her mothers work; but with so much unknown about her own mother, it’s hard to disclose too much. Michael is instantly intrigued by Mae, and sets up opportunities to catch her attention, including at a film viewing. He eventually asks her out on a date, to which she agrees.

With salacious tension and tasteful display, The Photograph is a portrayal of how complex our family stories are. It shows also shows what can happen if you just take a chance!

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

A classic amongst Jane Austen stans and rom-com fans alike, Pride and Prejudice is timeless. This is a tale about where love meets pride, and of course, prejudice.

Pride and Prejudice Movie Poster
Photo: Universal Pictures, Focus Features, United International Pictures, Bac Films

The story follows the Bennet family through the second-eldest daughter, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, as they traverse the oddities of Regency England's societal life. Armed with five daughters and no sons, it is the stressor of the mother, Mrs Bennet, to construct the most advantageous marriages for each of their daughters.

With the start of the season, the Bennet mother hears that the handsome - and strikingly wealthy - bahelor, Mr Bingleys has come to town. She is quick to set the works in motion, hoping one of her daughters might score Mr Bingley in the marital game. At a ball, the Bennets are introduced to Mr. Bingley, who is accompanied by a strange, gloomy fellow Mr. Darcy.

The two gentlemen are striking opposites. Mr. Bingley is received by others as a friendly socialite, while Mr. Darcy seems on the outskirts of societal panderings, engaging very little out of will unless spoken to first.

While Jane, the oldest Bennet girl catches Mr. Bingley's eyes with her modest nature and great beauty, Elizabeth does the same with her sharp tongue. Pride and prejudice sizzles in the air, but so does romance. The chemistry is unreal.

With a hot drink and warm blanked, this movie is the perfect way to enjoy the changes of the seasons. As the original enemies-to-lovers piece of fiction, Pride and Prejudice is a must-watch (and read!). Whether you think Colin Firth or Matthew Macfayden is the better Darcy, Pride and Prejudice is bound to have you giggling and kicking your feet.


About the Writer:

Faith Diaz, originally born in Bronx, N.Y., USA, spent most of her childhood moving from place to place. She graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with her BFA in Creative Writing. Her hope in the future is to continue sharing the stories that matter, from people who do even more so.


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