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Symphony in Depression Major

by Kara Dunford

*Content warning: mental health/depression*

Will you forgive me this interlude?

For I don’t know anything about

the kinds of rhapsodies played here,

even so feeling every feeling,

inclusive of the ones I don’t have names for yet.

I linger in the lonely corners,

collecting evidence of my humanity:

diminished silhouettes and exquisite shadows

humming a familiar melody of yearning.

“Look how beautiful the world is even

as everything is falling apart.”

I join in, as if I’ve

rehearsed it my whole life.

Wistful, no matter which way you look at it.

I sit with it—the longing in my chest.

It’s the way it rises within,

its crescendo soon all I hear.

Ritardando. Diminuendo.

Therapy. Treatment.

I didn’t know what syncopation could feel like

until I stepped outside of myself,

the way I never knew what harmony could look like

until I found it inside of myself.


About the author:

Kara Dunford (she/her) is a writer and nonprofit communications professional living in Washington, DC. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Brave Voices Magazine, Fahmidan Journal, and boats against the current. She serves as a Poetry Editor for Overtly Lit. Find her on Twitter @kara_dunford.


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