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By Jessica Daniel

I am arrested / in the summer / when my eyes

are edged with ruby / and the drumming sun

/ has begun the grand procession / I’m a part

of the world’s / best marching band today / an

element of the parade / I hope / they perceive /

me as objection / assume I am rebellion incited

/ though I love the machine / I am integral gears

/ the bellow of the undying horn / the darkest

harmony / and now clamour gives way / to a great

silence / helicopter sleeping on the crest of the

hill / I almost forget / the why and why and why

/ my plunder dense / my life abruptly small /

but I hear the music begin again / the trumpets

of my heart / tandem to their clicking black guns

/ it is the day / so much longer than night / they

prod me into singing metal cages / smugly / with

surety / that’s how I know / I know I need never

see sundown / need never cease the patriot’s song


About the author:

Jessica Daniel is an Indian-American teenage artist currently living in New England. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the violin and drinking tea.

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