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Lost in the Moors

by Patricia Furstenberg

On lavender sky the sun sets low,

The wind whispers, he stirs none;

Hush, he murmurs, to dream-land you go.

On a cetacean sky when the moon is silver

An owl hoots no-one, no-ot a fiddler,

Tic-toc, chimes the clock, dreams are no danger.

On a velvety sky with blushing clouds, new,

And ruby leaves adorned with morning dew

I hear through the breeze come, come with me now.

The branches lay low, leaves tumble over,

I stumble and crawl, I slave to follow,

Where the road bends I spot your shadow.

Pale turned the sky as the sun smiled wider.

Follow me, sang the wind, just surrender

I feel your hand, warm and tender.

High is the sky above nude boughs,

The leaves laugh and sprinkle about

I’m as light as a feather, I touch the clouds.

And the wind?

The wind smiles and shrugs.


About the author:

With a medical degree behind her, writer and poet Patricia Furstenberg authored 18 books to date. The recurrent motives in her writing are unconditional love and war, while Patricia’s keen interest for history, folklore and dogs brought her writing, through a perfect loop, to her native Romania, Patricia being the creator of the hashtag #Im4Ro hashtag, sharing positive stories. Her writing appeared online in Romania Insider, Books by Women, Huffington Post UK, Biz Community SA, Secret Attic, and Poetry Potion, to name a few. She resides with her family in South Africa.

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Aug 30, 2022

Heartfelt thanks to Erato Magazine for this incredible opportunity.

You, guys, do an impressive work. Keep it up!


Patricia Furstenberg

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