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Jakobsen's Blooming Sci-Fi Garden


"Imagine an oasis in the middle of the sand dunes

of tatooine or on the planet Arrakis. An artificial paradise at the end

of an unknown universe. One can still dream."

- Theresa Kolbeck Jacobsen


German artist, Theresa Kolbeck Jacobsen, presents two of their pieces, 3 Moons and Valentines.

Both pieces are done in a mixed media technique on artist cardboard, combining photography, collage elements and acrylic painting. The surface is sealed with ship varnish.

"The artworks are small in size (ca. 10x10cm), making them snapshots out of time, similar to retro-polaroids," they say.

3 Moons by Theresa Kolbeck Jacobsen

According to Jacobsen, 3 Moons depicts a Sci-Fi inspired landscape, resting under three circular full moons.

"It invites the spectator to dream themselves away to an oasis on a desert planet, a place to find one’s last peace in life," they say.

Valentines Orchid by Theresa Kolbeck Jacobsen

Valentines Orchid captures a garden scene on the planet

Venus during the blooming season. Jacobsen describes it as the perfect retreat for a busy space merchant.


About the artist:

Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen (they/them) is a German creative, who, after spending the pandemic on the remote Faroe Islands, re-entered the colorful streets of Berlin city. Theresa describes the challenges of living in another country as a propulsion for their creativity.

They create mixed media art and write multilingual pieces that circle around the theme of human relationships in a digital age.

Photo: Theresa Kohlbeck Jacobsen

Theresa currently works for the student magazine STUDENTLIV, and finishing their Master's in Nordic Literature at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Their work appears in Third Iris Zine, Polemical Zine, CERASUS and Moon Cola Zine.

Twitter: @pinkudreyma

Instagram: @pinkudreyma.welt

Facebook: pinkudreyma


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