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by Ariane Lauren

Not considering consoling me on the sofa, you sit shaken, slumped at your desk.

Cradling your head, mumbling, informing me that my math’s more than accurate.

Tear-blotted throw pillows smeared with my jet mascara; hands ink-stained blue.

Fingers throbbing, worked past the bone, scrutinizing what we two already knew.

Brazen golden boy, why can't you see this is our destiny- for us, this is it.

Looking at me, eyes asserting, ‘We tried so hard, come so far. We can’t just quit.’

It’s past 3 a.m., baby. I’m heartbroken, hair a mess, and ready to concede defeat.

“Astroman, stop teasing, please. You orbit me and yet remain out of reach.”

Are we honestly failing, or are we on the brink of ought self-discovery?

The loneliness of love? What it means for you to be you and for I to be me?

Everything will be fine, be better than back. We’ll weather these gusts- give it time.

Simply proceed. I know space seems frightening and cold, but it offers room to grow.

Make sure to take your supplements. I uploaded a dosage schedule to your tablet.

All your tech d.i.y. home videos are downloaded; when in doubt of meaning, I’ll radio.

For you, my coms’ll stay open. Always and all evenin’, I’ll listen for you.

If you’re ever bored, stressed, or can’t sleep, feel free to transmit a message to me.


Gravity is the beginning of...

"A linear story told through three poems. The first piece (Gravity)was inspired by Elton John's Rocket Man and David Bowie's Space Oddity. After that it all fell into place."

- Ariane Lauren


About the poet:

Ariane Lauren is a poet and writer. Her poems feature in Erato Magazine's second issue, Sacrifice, as well as other literary publications such as Livina Press, Soft Star Magazine and Boats Against the Current.

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Jan 12, 2023

A beautiful piece!

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