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Glacier Hydrology

by Marcello Giovanelli

through the ice,

from our hands,

along the milk roots

of long child years

surface water seeps

once slow and

barely visible

time has made you


subglacial lakes


tears of ice domes

effortless and unstoppable

whole now

your engines are the stories

of crisp white fruit on

clean tongues

and inside there is magic

like the first touch

of skin

so thin

beyond the light

now unsplintering

before us

we watch in awe

from the surface

as powerful rivers emerge


About the author:

Marcello Giovanelli is a writer and academic from Leicestershire, UK. His poems have been published in Allegro Poetry Magazine, Dear Reader, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Full House Lit, Green Ink Poetry, The Poetry Village and Poetry Plus. He tweets @mmgiovanelli


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