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For What It’s Worth

by Tyler Jones

I was told I have to give a

Sacrifice if I want to write.

But unbeknownst to the

Bank, I already paid the

Price to continue the heart’s

Release of words to

Further the soul’s growth. So

Pay attention as I jot down

Results of pain produced

Through loss of heart.

"For What It's Worth is one of three poems that had me examining sacrifice but in different facets. One for family and the expectations put on us, one in art and writing, and the last in love/lust and the risk."

- Tyler Jones


About the poet:

Tyler Auston Jones is a Black poet based in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Western Carolina University with a bachelors in English with a Creative Writing Minor. He has been published in publications like Erato Magazine and Poet’s Garden Alchemist.

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