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fireworks mark doomsday

By Sharon Pan

my eardrums

pop and explode

at the sound of fireworks crackling

in the night sky, black canvas

with inky white stars that pulse

with light

red roses form

at dirty old walls with its

prickly edges and thorns

pecking at my skin

ripping the thinness

to make the blood run from my thigh

wolves howl

people yell at festivals

with their hot food on plastic plates

as another firework releases into the sky

the earthquakes with their puzzles shaking

buildings tumbling down

at the bursts of a cry from children

sea waves slapping into the sand

rolling over

crushing small buildings

fire roars

orange and red sparks

spreading to trees

burning grass

swallowing everything





not a dash of ember

not a spot of dust

not a single living thing


nothing at all


About the author:

Sharon Pan is a Chinese-Canadian youth writer. She currently resides in Vancouver and will attend eighth grade in September. Her poem called Home At Vie’s won third place (youth category) in a local poetry contest (hosted by Fiona Tinwei Lam, Vancouver’s poet laureate). It has been published in the online literary magazine, Ricepaper. She strives with an ambition to become an author someday.


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