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Eclipse Silent Disco: Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

By Dominique Weldon

Days before the 2024 total eclipse, Twilight fans danced the night away at a silent disco to celebrate the natural event together.

Photo: Rory Deshner

This April, citizens across swatches of Mexico, the United States, and Canada had the opportunity to witness a memorizing natural event: a total eclipse. Individuals experienced momentary daytime darkness and the sun’s memorizing glow behind the moon. As nocturnal insects buzzed and owls called from the trees, people, along with their family, friends, and neighbors stared up into the sky and remembered how beautiful nature truly is. Of course, the fun wasn’t limited to the day of the eclipse, for many organizations and communities celebrated before and after the natural event. From restaurants’ eclipse-themed cookies to eclipse tailgates, there were plenty of activities for people to enjoy. However, none of those events were as unique as an eclipse celebration at The Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana. That’s because on Saturday, April 6, residents could celebrate the eclipse by attending the Eclipse Silent Disco: Team Edward vs Team Jacob.

For those who don’t know, Team Edward vs Team Jacob is a reference to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, an extremely popular YA four-book series from the 2000s, which includes Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. These books center on Bella Swan and her romantic interest in her vampiric boyfriend, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, her werewolf best friend. The Twilight series has impacted an entire generation of readers. In fact, I read Twilight during Jr. High, and that book is the reason why I wanted to become an author, which led me to eventually study creative writing and publish my short fiction.  Nevertheless, while the Twilight series was culturally impactful, the final mainline book, Breaking Dawn, was published in 2008, meaning these books typically aren’t on the forefront of readers’ minds, especially since so many engaging young adult books are released every year. That’s why I was shocked to see an eclipse-themed Twilight silent disco over a decade after the first book came out.

As for a silent disco, it differs from a traditional disco. Instead of gathering before a DJ playing loud music from speakers, guests are given wireless headphones that can access broadcasted music. These headphones play multiple channels, each channel featuring different music, and the headphones glow a specific color depending on which channel you’re listening to; therefore, guests can enjoy the DJ of their choice while seeing what others around them are listening to. Furthermore, one can sing to their heart’s content on the dance floor because no one will hear.

Photo: Rory Deshner

Since Twilight and silent discos typically aren’t combined, this event was unique to say the least. Thankfully the combination worked together extremely well. While the silent disco didn’t start until 9pm, The Vouge opened its doors at 8pm, allowing people to enter the building before the main event. Those who arrived early could admire the decorations and the room’s dreamy purple-blue hue, which encapsulated the soothing atmosphere of Twilight. Furthermore, the room had two photoshoots, one for Team Edward and another for Team Jacob, which were located across from each other. Both photoshoots had plenty of memorabilia, including blankets, action figures, shirts, and pillows of the two love interests. After taking photos, guests could then purchase themed alcoholic cocktails with names inspired by the book, including 'This is the Skin of a Killer', 'Jacob’s Moon Punch', and 'Vampire’s Kiss'. Furthermore, during the first hour, guests could sample of 'Vampire’s Kiss', making the gathering all the more festive.

Photo: Rory Deshner

As for the main event, it was a vibrant and energetic eclipse celebration. The building was packed with people many wearing Twilight t-shirts, vampire capes, and even dog-eared headbands to channel their inner werewolf. Two DJs were set up on main stage and had very different music choices, one channel playing electronic remixes of 2010 pop songs and the other playing remixes of upbeat alternative hits from the 2010s. Guests were split on their DJ choice, for the room was a mix of glowing blue and red headsets. Although, it clearly didn’t matter which channel people listened to because everyone had a good time, jumping and swaying to their music choice as a disco ball shimmered above their heads. Behind the DJs was a large projection screen that played fan-favorite clips from the five Twilight movies, including Bella and Edward meeting in their biology classroom, the beloved Cullen baseball game, and Jacob transforming into a wolf before Bella. Guests marveled and cheered at their favorite scenes as they danced along to the music. Occasionally, the music was paused as the MC interacted with the room. Not only did the MC ask if people were either Team Edward or Team Jacob, but he also gave away free Twilight merchandise, including an official Bella Swan doll, which filled the room with energy.

Overall, the Eclipse Silent Disco was a lively event. Whether Team Edward or Team Jacob, everyone enjoyed the total eclipse together through a shared love in literature. Let’s hope for more exciting book-themed dances in the near future.  



About the Writer

Dominique Weldon is a Black biracial writer based in Indianapolis, IN. She is a first-generation college graduate of the University of Iowa and received her MFA in Fiction from Butler University. Her work appears in Lover’s Eye Press and DarkWinter Literary Magazine. Currently, she reads fiction for Split Lip Magazine and writes for Erato Magazine. Find her online at


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