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contingent on cooperation

by Jack Buck

Movement. New setting. Open-ended exploration. Needed counterbalance. Another beginning. Intentional effort to redefine one’s personal narrative. More revelation. Emergence.

Create space where introspection can occur to upend the contracted world’s preconceptions. Facilitate an invitation to experiences to demonstrate what life means to you. Do what it takes to live life continually better. Despite what is broadly said and believed to destroy with finality, there aren’t only two sides to questions. There are a thousand different ways.

Living paycheck to paycheck but rich in love. The good life. The right amount of work-life balance. Anything more and productivity, care, and tolerability decrease considerably. You’ve read the articles, we’ve heard the argument.

Excuse me for attacking the ego. Do what you want but think about it first. I say this from a place of having made a lot of mistakes in my life.

Here’s another contrived ad. Here’s some more content of the same thing. Change a couple words, find some synonyms, and move that phrase from the middle to the top. Ta-da. We’re living lavishly.

Lacking variance. Stifled in the bottom and backend of a seat. Diminished by its absence. Spastic dullness makes us feel small. Refraining what we want to be. Complying with what you want me to say. Does this make you happy.

Weighing options and outcomes urge us to construct what to envision. The assignment on time further intensifies obstacles to opportunities. Up to this point rarely exercising restraint. Easily provoked amass space and distance mimicking self freedom. Emulate the mountains to stand tall. Look at you, you’re shining. Withdrawn and dormant in the artificial light. Recognizable disregarding sensationalism. The precariousness when revealed.

Art and life are not independent contained institutions separate from one another. Art is not a side marginal hobby, rather a necessity and requirement to the human soul to be committed to, regained, not to be just merely tolerated at the expense of the fringes of its people. Reverence. Vitality. An invitation. The world needs you.

About the Author:

Jack C. Buck is the author of the books Deer Michigan (2016) and Gathering View (2018). He lives in Idaho with his wife. He can be contacted on Twitter @Jack_C_Buck

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