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A Flame Not Snuffed

By Sadee Bee

A fire inside me burns / a deep ache smoldering / 

Not a burn of passion / no / something more violent /

thirsty / hungering for destruction / 

Has raged inside me / from the moment 

my bloodline took root /

The instance XX became a chromosomal pair /

Some say it all began with the forbidden fruit / 

if I were a believer / I might agree / But this rage

did not begin with Eve / nor Adam / or any other 

fictive dream / 

It began with an explosion / a fiery big bang / 

Then the moment / that Men came to have a name / 

Such power in a name / in hands designed to subjugate / 

With XX came XY / A once bright fire became a dim light / 

When Man smashed Mother Earth beneath their feet /

Plundered and scorched to conquer / everything within reach /

But they could not snuff the flame / of every Woman 

that lost a name / 

This violent / thirsty / hungering burn / is full of voices 

never heard /


About the Writer

Sadee Bee (she/her) is ever-evolving, as living with mental illness is never a straight line, and she hopes to be a voice and advocate for those like her. She also uses art as an outlet, creating whatever comes to mind, and is heavily drawn to speculative and out-of-this-world elements. She is inspired by strange dreams, magic, and creepy vibes.

Twitter: @SadeeBee

Instagram: @sadee__bee


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